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I call this guide: The 2023 Outsourcer’s Rolodex.

This is NOTsome random list of Fiverr gigs. These very services that I sell to my own clients, as well as the very services and outsourcers I use to run my million dollar per year Information product business.

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The 2023 Outsourcer Rolodex contains quick cash opportunities for everyone, regardless of your experience level.

New marketers looking to earn fast cash can turn immediately to page 12 where I walk you through the process of turning a $5 investment on Fiverr, into $500 in sales in less than 24 hours. This can be done ANY time you need quick cash for your business.

Experienced offline marketers should start with page 59 where you’ll find a list of cold callers and telemarketers that I use to book clients. For a small fee, these guys will sell your service to the business owners who need them.

And if you are a seasoned pro already earning 7 figures, I’ll show you how to delegate your entire business so you can sit back into semi-retirement collecting dividend from your business while you enjoy the finer life

Now I can’t take all the credit for
this Rolodex of opportunity

This rolodex is the work of a re-seller mastermind group I have been a part of for over 3 years on Facebook. In this group we regularly share outsourcer and service recommendations that have been working for us in the trenches.

ONLY the best, tested, and proven to work opportunities are allowed to be posted in this group. Each one is further qualified by other members, and made sure they can get the job done.

Take a look at some of the results group members have had with this Rolodex:

Warning: Don’t try to find these services alone.

Outsourcing fraud runs rampant on Fiverr, elance and upwork with providers not delivering as promised, and selling stolen property.

Have you been a victim of outsourcer fraud?

Before I had this rolodex of trusted outsourcers, I’ve had nothing but nightmare stories trying to get work done:

I’ve hired programmers who used code stolen from GitHub and other repositories that nearly got me sued…

I’ve booked clients on services that promised to deliver and never did, forcing me to refund money and lose clients out of embarrassment…

I’ve had designers use stock images that they never bought the rights too and got me in trouble with Getty images…

Bottom line: If you hire outsourcers without this guide, you are putting your business and possibly your livelihood at risk.

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Normally you would have to pay $1,000/month to join the Facebook mastermind group where we share these ‘ hidden gem‘ outsourcers and services.

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Legally, I do have to warn you that most people who invest in this Rolodex do not make any money. The testimonials you see on this page are hand picked from people who TOOK ACTION and got results. Most people do not follow through or do anything with the products they buy, and as a result don’t make any money.

Bottom line: You should only invest in this course if you are the type of person who will actually follow through on opportunity, and not just let it collect virtual dust on your hard drive.

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